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    GREAT! You are interested!

    On this page you will find more information about our products, brand, strategy, market and your activities and revenue model. Please read it with real attention. Do you have any questions? Don't hesitate to contact us! You can find the info at the bottom of the page.

  • BonoSana - sleeping patches

    We developed an unique & exclusive product: the sleeping patch. We sell these patches successfully online in the Netherlands. Here are some of the benefits of the sleeping patch:
    • 10 natural ingredients
    • 4x higher bioavailibility than oral intake
    • slow release in 8 hours
    • easy and cheap to use

    BonoSana website

  • Sleeping problems: a big market

    Between 40% - 50% of the population has sleeping problems. Sleeping problems occur in all walks of life from young to old. Remarkable: 2 times more in often for women than for men.

    Most consumers look for oral solutions with 1 ingredient like magnesium or valerian etc. The sleeping patch works 4 times more effectively and contains 10 ingredients!
  • Webshop for e-commerce
  • Webshop for e-commerce

    You get a fully working webshop (with content and everything working) from us in your native language. This webshop will have a unique domain extention and hosting in your own country.

    The webshop is build in Joomla CMS with VirtueMart as a e-commerce component. You can manage and optimize it your self for good SEO.

    Example Dutch webshop

  • Online marketing

    Online marketing has a very broad spectrum of promotion tools, online (sales) channels and advertising possibilities. We support you tools translated in your language:
    • webshop, domain & hosting
    • product packaging, envelop & flyer A5 (consumer instructions)
    • webmercial (for video advertising) & images
    • sales promotion 'Test & Sleep' (special sample packaging, flyer A6)

"The best way to predict the future is to create it!"

Abraham Lincoln

  • Sales & revenues
  • Sales & revenues

    Every consumer order will be paid directly at your webshop and payprovider. There is no interference with us. You handle all sales (orders) yourself and send them to the customer.

    You get from us an excellent margin on the product, so it will profitable in no time!

    Selling products online is stable and creates recurring revenues, which can become a passive income. There is no better business model then this.
  • Your investment
  • Your investment

    We have invested in the product development, packaging, promotion material, designing and e-commerce.

    Your investment is your time and the costs for example for online advertising (SEA). You also need a small investment in the stock.

    Are you interested and want to know more? Fill-in the webform below and we will give you a quick response!

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